Digitising Your Business

One Byte at a Time.

Our Story

Data is Knowlege and Knowlege is power.

But collecting your data, distilling what is useful and then presenting it in a way which is easily and clearly understood, is a skill.

Our Vision

We love data. We know that data is the key to making your operation run smoother and cleaner.

We also know the challenges in collecting data and seperating what is relevant from the noise.


From portable data collecting devices

through easy to understand analyitcs, all the way to AI and machine learning forecasting.

Digital Elephant wants to turn your data into action on the ground.

Guiding You on Your Digital Journey

How it works



Throw away your clipboard and forget about "capturing" into spreadsheets.

We create digital forms which are customised to suit YOUR recording requirements.

Analyse and Present

Which fields are important?

How should they be calculated?

How can they be represented in a way which makes sense from the production floor to the MD and the engineers in between?

Working closely with our clients, we provide the individual attention and know-how you require.

Machine Learning and AI

You know these are buzz words, but how can they work for you?

Our award winning partners can take your data dump and come up with information you never could have imagined!

Data Collection

Custom Data capture From your Cellphones  and Mobile Devices

Inspections, Proof of Deliveries, Manifests, SHEQ Compliancy.


Manage Your Team on your Own Terms 

We do all the work for you. 
Leave the programming and leg work to us.
Get in touch , one of our brilliant techies will help you. Zero obligation. Zero risk.

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