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Digital Elephant is the Neural Network that LINKS all the disparate parts of your business into ONE, seamless, system.

Digital Elephant

Your Data. One Byte at a Time.



You are the heart of the company.


The conduit through which the "blood" of the business flows.

The clients call you, the managers need you, and the operational staff rely on you.

You are expected to have ALL the answers , ALL the time.


You are the brain of the company.

You need to make decisions.

And to make decisions, you need  knowledge and understanding of  what is happening around you.

You are expected to make the right decisions for your business, your clients, and your staff.


You are the hands and legs

of the Company.


The one At The Coal Face.

The one operating the machinery.

You are the one loading.

You are the one Driving.

You are expected to perform the actions which makes the business what it is.


Mobile and PC Based

Whether your teams are working in the office or in the field, connect them all on one platform.

Bespoke Systems for YOUR business


We don't give our clients a system and tell them to change their operation to fit the system. We build the system around their operation!

machine learnng.JPG

Our Philosophy,
It must be simple, and it must work!

When we build a system, we build it so that someone with minimal to zero training can pick up the device and use it.

We visit your warehouse, your factory floor, your yard, and even your mine to get a real, on the ground, understanding of what you need in a system to make it work.

Get in touch , one of our team will get you on a demo . Zero obligation. Zero risk.

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you shortly. Please allow for a 24 hour response period. (Weekdays only)

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