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Downloading Digital Elephant for Mobile


  1. You can search for  “Digital Elephant” in Google Play or the App Store and download the app for your mobile phone or tablet or click Here


Downloading Digital Elephant for Windows”


  1. Go to

  2. Enter Your Username and Password


On your Home Screen

Scroll down and select “Download for Windows”

  1. Once downloaded , open the file.

  2. Select 'Run"

  3. You may get some warnings from your Windows system.

  4. If you do, select, “Keep” , “More Info” and “Run Anyway”

  5. This will download your Digital Elephant App to your PC.

  6. Unless you are an advanced user you will not need to access the web page anymore and you will only use the app from now on

  1. The system will create a Digital Elephant icon on your PC.

  2. Click the icon and re-enter your username and password

  3. Click ‘Next’

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